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I love how it didn't say anything about the new character design, but rather is a short film that can exist on its own without the context of recent events. I love that!

The animation is so fluid!! I love

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I love the art and the songs and the characters! It's all so very charming

And I think this game has potential! It's just confusing to switch lanes not to the beat(??) But also hitting the notes to the beat. Like sometimes I was in the top lane and went to press the down arrow, and ended up at the bottom, missing the note.

Edit: I'm so dumb I didn't see the options in the settings, very nice control options!

Another issue I found was I was super confused with the second boss, it wasn't clear what to do with the black notes?? And I don't have time to see what they do cause the notes move wayy to fast, at least for one of the first levels.

Edit: I also didn't see the mode options until after, my bad. I still feel like "normal" may be a bit too hard, but that may just be me

And it was annoying to have to wait for the death animation, and go back through all the dialogue before getting back into the song. (You probably got this a lot I'm sorry but) I also think it'd be cool to add a death screen song rather than just sitting in silence, but that's really just a nit-pick.

Overall, very cool!! Can't wait to play more ^-^

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I love this arrangement!!!

Will there actually be a song played during a game? That'd be lovely. Either that, or little radios that play a song so people can vibe and lure in innocent crewmates to get slaughtered-

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I love your art! Curious, what program do you use?

asdru12512 responds:

Sorry this is like, several months late. I don't check NG often.
I use Adobe Flash CS6/Animate CC.

I loveeeee the colors jcreucceudcj

Woahhh I love her design

I'm writing a book that is also a FNF mod you should definitely ask me about it

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